Golden Casino, the very popular online casino that accepts US players

Golden Casino, the very popular online casino that accepts US players, has been the target of some underhanded techniques by US law enforcement authorities. daftar ibcbet

Golden Casino is a well-trusted online casino, that is notably careful when it comes to following local laws that exist. The casino, however, seems to have been targeted as part of an investigation that has been taking place across a number of states and by a number of law enforcement bodies.
The recent Maryland warrants in order to seize bank accounts connected to online gambling seem to be part of the same investigation that has targeted Golden Casino. The Maryland US Attorney’s Office has been orchestrating investigations into any gambling operations that they consider to be doing anything illegal. Other branches of law enforcement bodies that have been involved in these investigations include the US Attorney in New York, and the US Customs Department.
It seems, that in order to ‘catch’ Golden Casino in the act of breaking the Louisiana state law, the federal agents and the Louisiana police worked together. Louisiana state law does not allow Internet casino gambling. In order to investigate whether Golden Casino was following the law, the law enforcement officials attempted to open online casino accounts stating their location as Louisiana. Golden Casino’s customer service rejected the request to sign up with their online casino a number of times, since they do not sign up players from states that consider online gambling illegal daftar sbobet.

After the multiple rejections, one of the law enforcement representatives, posing as a customer, did manage to successfully access Golden Casino. One wonders why, after a number of rejections, law enforcement officials persisted in trying to induce criminal activity in order to attack an online casino operator that is obviously trying to follow the gambling laws that do exist in the United States at this time.

Even though the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the decision of a lower court, and ruled that the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) ban on illegal gambling payments is simply a law that is in place to back up the laws of states that have already banned online gambling.
Although the court clearly explained their ruling, law enforcement officials continue to with their investigations, part of which is centered around small banks that have allowed online casino payment processing. Law enforcement officials claim that the banks had been convinced by the payment processors that funds pertaining to online gambling daftar sbobet casino could legally be processed. Since that seems, quite clearly, to be the law, one wonders why the law enforcement bodies are still targeting those that are processing payments, which are allowed according to the court’s ruling.

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